Any Edge Banding You Need

Partnering with the a large North American edge band tape extruder lets us offer unmatched selection and competitve pricing. It is these unique relationships that we have built that has allowed us to be your best resource for edge tape in the industry. Check out we have to offer as one of the top edge tape suppliers.

PVC Edge Banding

1.) Thin PVC Edgebanding
2.) Thick (Rigid and Flexible) PVC Edgebanding
3.) Solid Color PVC Edgebanding
4.) Woodgrains (Surface Print and Grain Thru) PVC Edgebanding
5.) Nebulas Edgebanding
6.) Pre glued Edgebanding
7.) Flexible PVC Edgebanding(Thick)
8.) Edgebanding for Contouring
9.) Paintable Edge Banding
10.) PSA Edgebanding
11.) Metalic Edgebanding

PVC Stocking Program

PRI has the largest access to PVC stocking programs. We are able to pull products from our own vast warehouse inventory, as well as the inventory of multiple suppliers we work with on a daily basis. This includes both rigid and flexible PVC in a multitude of sizes, colors and thickness.

ABS Edge Banding


Veneer Edge Banding

Rolls - Kraft, Fleece-Backed (Backed/Thick/Thin) Edgebanding
Wide Variety of Species like Oak Edge Banding , Cherry Edge Banding, and Maple Veneer Edgebanding
Sheets for Laminating (Multiple Backings)
Strips = 8" Lengths - For Straight Edge Applications
4 x 8 Veneer Sheets and Custom Sizes Available
Hot Melts

Polyester/Melamine Edge Banding

Sheets and Rolls For Edgebanding and Wraps

T-Molding Edging

Solid T Molding
Woodgrain T Molding
Patterns T-Molding

Edgebanding Glues

Straight Line

Give us a call today! We can help with whatever size/color you need. And we can also slit the edge tape to any size you want.

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